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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sometimes I feel like I have two heads...

Let me set the stage: I had a before church meeting. Oswald was working. A friend of mine had my "big" kids and my little man was with me.

I set my stuff down on the pew at church and in come the big kids. My Princess is crying because she wants to sit with my friend. My buddy won't keep is feet of the back of the pew.

I have no husband.

My little man starts to cry because he's hungry. I take all three kids to the Mother's Lounge. My buddy and my Princess proceed to rock in the chairs so hard I'm afraid a) they'll get hurt or b) they'll break the chairs. My buddy starts to turn the light on and off, all while I am sitting in another rocker, trying my hardest to relax so I will make milk to help my little man stop crying!

We're doing feeding my little man and head back into church to enjoy sacrament meeting. My Princess refuses to take her jacket off because she wants to sit with my friend.

Still no husband.

During the middle of the meeting, I have to get up because my little man is screaming and destroying the reverence in the room. I stand in the hall trying to get him to stop crying and fall asleep.

Meanwhile, I find out my Princess is pulling my little man's hair and licking his face. My friend ends up taking my Princess to sit with her after all.

I see Oswald walking down the hall looking at his blackberry. You see he's been at work all morning long, since 4am!

"It's one disaster after another." he says bending over to kiss me.

"Do you need to go back to work?" I say, trying to be an understanding wife, but really hoping he says he's staying.

"I just wanted to come to church to be with my family."

I head back into sacrament meeting and he walks back out the door to talk to someone on his phone.

I go in, gather my Princess and sit down. Oswald joins us a few minutes later, only to get a phone call the instant he sits down. He looks at me and says, "I'm sorry, I have to go."

He gets up and leaves.

I felt as though everyone was staring at me like I had two heads...and it gets better...it all happened in the first hour, and church is three hours long! Oh and let's not even talk about what I looked like after sacrament meeting was over, carrying two bags, a blanket, a car seat, and two jackets. Not to mention keeping my hands on two kids who didn't want to be with me.

It's no wonder I feel like people stare at me like I have two heads...because to them...I might as well.

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