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Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Favorites!

I new series for A Mormon Mommy...Friday Favorites. Each Friday I will put a few of the things I love on my blog. Let's see if some of my favs are your favs too!

1. My water bottle! I love my water bottle. It goes with me just everywhere. I take it in the car, I take it on outings, I use it at home, I use it everywhere. It's so nice and convenient because I can track how much water I have been drinking. I prefer the reusable water bottles to the plastic ones that you throw away because in the long run you're not only saving the planet, but you're also saving the $$ in your bank account!!

2. My KitchenAid! I use this at least once a day! I make waffles (recipe to come), I make cakes, I make cookies, I shred my chicken, and I make doughs of all kinds in my KitchenAid. My parents bought it for me and I may or may not have cried when I opened the box that year for Christmas.

3. Pandora! There is nothing better than listening to good music while cleaning your house! I love how you can tell it what you want to listen to. Amazing! Plus, I love that there are not very many commercials, unlike radio stations in my car!

4. My Bath and Body Works Butterfly Flower Lotion! My mom got me started on this one, and I can't get over it! It's so lovely. Nice and floral. Perfect for girls! I don't know what else to day, except I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!

So these are a few of my favorite things!! What are some of your favorite things? Let me know, maybe they'll be some of mine, too!

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