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Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Favorites!!

This week I have been enjoying different things, for different reasons. Maybe some of these things are items you love around your house?

1. melskitchencafe.com This site has it all! I have tried this recipe for black beans...loved it!! I love to look at her pictures and drool at all of the yummy desserts!!

2. Jillian Michaels:Yoga Meltdown. This DVD seriously BURNS my arms and shoulders. Talk about a workout. Doesn't quite get my heart pumping, but by the end of the 30 minutes, I am feeling the burn!

3. My Levi's these jeans make my rear look great and my legs look long. I love the slight flair of the boot cut, good for both winter with boots and summer with flip flops.

4. Speaking of flip flops...I am so loving my Reef Sandals these shoes are so comfy and I never got a blister even when they were brand new. I put them on and wore them like they were 10 years old, that kind of comfort!!

5. And for my kids, I am loving disney.com My little Man loves to play the games and my Princess loves to watch the little clips. Great place for the kids to learn new skills: math skills, directional skills, and computer skills.

So what is your favorite recipe? What is your favorite form of exercise? What do you love to wear on your feet in the summer? 

Can't wait to hear what some of your favorites are!!

1 comment:

  1. My favorite recipe for a great day, hot, clear day at the beach with umbrella and chair at the waters edge. Warmth of the sun and breeze off the water with the soothing crash of the waves, totally heaven. Mix in good conversation and a kiss now and then from my better half. Sprinkle the top with fruit and sandwich for a simple picnic. Forget everything else and stay until the sun sets. Makes all right with my world....Can be done for shorter time with same effect. Favorite form of exercise: looking for sea shells. Favorite thing on my feet: warm sand

    Got summer on my mind this morning. Come try this recipe with me sometime. You will love it too.


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