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Friday, May 27, 2011

A list a mile long...

 My parents Summer 2010

My parents will be here in T-4 days...but who's counting, right?

You could say I'm pretty excited to see them! It's so much fun to be with my mom. We were not always as good of friends as we are, but I guess that had to happen in order for me to realize what a cool lady she is!

I have a list a mile long of things I need to do before she gets here. She hates when I clean my house extra just because she's coming, so this time, I'm not.

I'll make sure it's dusty and that the floors need to be vacuumed. I will be sure that the laundry needs to be done (my dad's a laundry pro). I'll make sure that the trash needs to be dumped and that the dishwasher is full of dirty dishes and that the sink is overflowing with pots and pans waiting for her to scrub them!

That's a lie...I would never do that to my mom or even my worst enemy--for that matter.

But as for my list. It's a long one.

1. Grocery shop: I'm headed to Girl's Camp for church and my parents will be taking care of my kids, so Oswald can continue working. The least I can do is shop, right?

2. Finish my sewing project: I'm making something for the YW in my ward, and I need to finish it. I'm really tired of seeing my sewing machine on the table. IT HAS GOT TO GO!

3. Get Zoo Atlanta Tickets: our local library has a program where if you watch a DVD about the library, they give you 4 tickets to get into the Zoo for free! I am all over that! But if we don't get in for free, I'm sure we'll still go. My Buddy is totally excited about seeing the animals!

4. Finish the t-shirts for camp.

5. Temple Trip on Thursday night.

I guess that's it. So maybe it's not a mile long, but it feels pretty long to me! Plus, I have the usual cleaning and laundry to do. But it's all good because I am so excited to see my parents! I can hardly wait for Saturday night! It's gonna be 10 days of complete fun!

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