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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

MIT--Mother in Training

At what age to little girls start practicing their skills to be a mommy? My princess is weeks shy of being 4 and she's already started being a little mommy to her brother.

She cuts his food when the pieces are too big. She really wants to change his diaper...that's a little scary for me. So she gets his diaper, the wipes and I let her put the powder on his bottom. She feels like she's helping.

Today, I went into his room when I heard him making noises and there she was trying to get him out of his crib. She's such a good little helper.

With my Buddy being in school all day, she's getting lots of time to be the big kid at home. It's going to be a nice year having her here and helping her develop into the little girl she's going to be. 

I have some big ideas/plans for her birthday this year. It's up for debate if she'll have a party with friends or not. She's never had one, but we'll be moving the week of her birthday. I want her to feel special, but life might be pretty crazy right then.

I got a pattern from my mother-in-law who is an amazing thrifter. She found it one day at a garage sale. It's full of patterns for little girl fancy dresses. I so want to make one for my Princess. Something to dress-up in. Something that she can feel fancy! Every little girl needs to feel fancy! 

But I gotta buy fabric and find time to sew. It just seems like there aren't enough hours in the day. 

I need to stop complaining. I totally want to make at least one for her birthday, so I better get shopping!!

Do you ever get into a funk? How do you fight it?
--I feel like I'm in one now and I just want to break through it!

What was the last project you crafted?
--I haven't made anything in a long time. I guess I did help the kids make cards for Oswald, does that count?

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  1. I am having trouble leaving comments, it keeps throwing me out. You are lucky to have independent children and those that are looking to take on responsibllities for their younger siblings. She is learning all the Mommie skills from you...adds to the pressure to know they are intently watching and patterning their actions after you. You are an awesome Mom and example and she will be too. Bitter sweet to see a sweet baby doll grow up so fast! Can't wait to hear what you decide for the birthday celebration.


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