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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shopping Trip

I learned today that shopping for a soon-to-be 4 year-old is hard. At least when she's with you!

I had a couple of coupons I could use. The younger kids and I took off this morning because my Princess wanted to do something special today.

We went to JCPenny and to Kohl's. I had $10 off of anything at both stores! We went to JCPenny looking for something for my little man, his birthday is tomorrow! (I just can't believe it!) While we were there, my Princess found a stuffed animal that is also a purse. It's a while doggie with a blue rhinestone shirt that is actually the purse part. She could not stop looking at it.

We continued to walk around the store and I finally got her distracted enough to put the dog on the register. The lady double bagged the dog and we escaped with only paying $5 for her birthday present! Awesome!

Then we made it to Kohl's. My little man is totally into cars/trucks. He calls them "vroom, vroom"s. A couple of weeks ago, he found one of my Buddy's trucks and moved it along the floor saying "vroom vroom." So cute! No one even told him how to do that! My total at Kohl's with the $10 off coupon was not enough, so I bought me a new waterbottle...escaping Kohl's with only spending $5 again!!

Call me cheap...call me thrifty...I call me smart! Oh, and successful!

--sorry no pictures, but my Princess would totally know I got it for her if there was a picture!!---


  1. I will call you a totally awesome mom! who loves to save cash and make her kids happy! You are my kind of girl!

  2. Smart definitely smart. And fully take advantage of it while they are still so easy to please. Saw your guest post at Mom the Interns


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