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Thursday, August 25, 2011


I have this incredibly cute adorable snugly one year old little boy in my house. He has this head of blond hair that is out.of.control! It is so fine that it never lays down the way it should. And the only solution I can come up with is...to use these...

on this...

He even find it out of control. He tries to comb it several times a day.

These serious fly-aways are so annoying. Last Sunday at church, he was sitting on my lap and the little hairs were tickling the inside of my nose!

I have tried a couple of different tricks to help this hair dilemma. We have the slick-down missionary style

And we have the spike

See what I mean, a cute adorable one year old...but this hair...has.got.to.go!

So if he were your cuddly little man, what would you do? Take the clippers to that fine blond fluff or just endure the tips tickling the inside of your nose?


  1. Too soon! Don't cut it yet. It is so cute and fluffy!

  2. I'd buzz it. Carson looks so cute with his buzz!

  3. Oh man, the fluffy stuff I BUZZ! My little man is the same and we chopped it right off! Couldn't take the tickling any more!


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