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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dad of the Year Award

The kids have been wanting to go camping. They have seen a tv show where the kids went camping in their backyard. This past Saturday they asked Oswald to set up a tent in the backyard for them. They said, in unison, "Please, dad! We have a huge backyard now! Can we go camping? It's what mom wants to do for her birthday!"

I had a meeting to attend and when I got out of the shower Oswald was in the backyard setting up the tent. These two big kids were beside themselves excited. They played and played in that tent.

After I got home from my meeting, I came into the house. The only light that was on in the house was the one illuminating from the tv. I thought that was strange. Oswald told me that the kids were asleep in the tent. I looked at him a little shocked, "Outside?" I said.

"No, in there."

He had set up the other tent in the playroom. And what was even better for these kids was the fact that their daddy let them camp out over night in the tent.

The next morning they woke me up saying, "Mom, Dad let us go camping! We slept in the tent!!"

I think that solidified Oswald's spot as "Dad of the Year"


  1. Did I miss something? Pictures of your new house please!!! :)


  2. Oh, that is so sweet ! O's Mom raised a wonderful, loving man alright !!!


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