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Friday, November 18, 2011

My first Thanksgiving play!

 My buddy taking a bow after his First Thanksgiving play

Wednesday morning, I got up at my normal time to get my buddy on the bus. After he got on the bus, I rushed home to get ready to go to the school.

I had to get in the shower, fix a breakfast cake for the classes "feast", get the other two kids ready and make it to the school early in order to get seats for a kindergarten play featuring my son, the corn.

I rushed and rushed frantically around my house, and got to the school an entire 45 minutes too early. That was way early!

We popped our heads in the classroom and saw the pilgrim men, the pilgrim women, the Indian men, the Indian women, the preacher, and of course the ears of corn.

Those kids were so excited and looked so cute sitting there with their legs folded. I dropped my cake in the room across the hall and made my way to the cafeteria for my first every Kindergarten play!

We got to sit on the second row. My buddy was right in the front row waving and giving me a thumbs up the entire time. 

His little part was to say "pop, pop, pop" each time the narrator said "corn". Each little section had their own three word part. Talk about totally cute!

So this is my life now, rushing around making yummy food to take to school plays to see my kids do and sing really cute stuff!

And guess what, I love it! After all, this is what Mormon Mommy's do, right?

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