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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cool kids...

These kids are so much fun! We've been talking about Father's Day gifts for Oswald. They all want to cook him something yummy for breakfast, probably because I always get French toast on Mother's Day and my birthday (tradition).

My Princess thinks we should make him pizza.

My Buddy thinks we should make chocolate chip pancakes.

My Little Man...who knows what he thinks!

I have an idea of what I want to get him. It's more money than I expected, but it will be so worth it! We'll see what works out.

What are you getting the man in your life for Father's Day? Do you do gifts or just cards? Handmade or store bought?


  1. I gave Kevin the weekend off. He has been wanting to get down to Atlanta to visit friends and go fishing so I am letting him go guilt free. He loves the idea.

  2. I think that I am going to have the kids make Jason a really ugly tie (buy one from the Good Will or DI and have them decorate it with crazy craft things and paint on it...I have also seen hand prints on a white tie...we will see!) it should be fun! Oh and your kids are adorable!


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