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Friday, March 1, 2013

DinseyWorld Day 4

Today was unlike any of the other days. Since we stayed at a condo, we had to listen to their little "sales pitch" and that discounted our stay in half. Their little "pitch" lasted 3 hours!! It was crazy, but we had already decided to do Disney at night this day!

So after a yummy lunch and naps for us old folks and the littles, the big kids are not nappers, we headed back to the Magic Kingdom! And let me tell you, it was most definitely the magic time for our family!

We got on the rides faster and easier! The kids were much happier and so were the parents! And the best part, the temperatures were much more tolerable!

We met Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen! My Little Man kept telling me about how she had kissed a frog and that was not her prince!

We played with water bottles while waiting for the evening parade and also for the fireworks!

We got to go on lots of fun rides! The best rides are the ones we could all go on, even Love Bug!!

When Oswald is your dad, you better believe that you'll be having ice cream at some point on vacation!

As we were standing in line to meet Princess Ariel, I asked Oswald, "I wonder what she'll be wearing, her sea shells or her wedding gown?"

But since we were "under the sea", she was wearing her shells, but very modestly with a cover over the top. See people, even Disney Princesses know the importance of modesty!!  ;)

I think as you plan a Disney vacation or any vacation for that matter, you have to take your family into consideration. Do the things that meet their needs. Go to the places that they want to see, not what others tell you are awesome. Go at the time that is best for your kids. It makes for happy kids and happy parents!

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  1. LOVED all 4 days...and I agree...we will wait to take them all when there is no need for napping, but if we throw another baby in the mix, we might have to wait! :)


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