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Monday, June 24, 2013

Our vacation

For our ten year anniversary,  we went on a mini-vacay down to the Destin, FL area. We stayed at a really nice hotel and did lots of fun things.
We ate delicious fish for our anniversary dinner and then followed that up with a major shopping trip (I got new running shoes!!). While we were shopping, a major storm hit and the power went out to the entire outlet mall. We were standing in line in Banana Republic and ended up leaving without purchasing anything!  :(
We spent the next day going snorkeling and eating even more delicious fish! We went out that evening and watched Superman. Good movie.
Saturday we went and finished our shopping, yes we shopped a lot, but when you have 4 kids shopping just the two of us was a total luxury! We found some really awesome deals, you might even say we "stole" the items they were so cheap!
Sunday, we came home to our four sweet kids and my awesome parents. I'm so glad they were willing to help with our kids, so we could go out of town! We had a blast and need to spend the night somewhere more often!! So rejuvenating and so refreshing!


  1. What a fun anniversary trip!

  2. So fun! Jason and I have never been on vacation without the kids! We are dying to go...somewhere! Even just down the street! :) I think my favorite picture is the last one of you! So sassy!


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