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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I love to play games. Board games, card games, Twister, games where you act things out, any kind of game, I’m up for it.

My kids have been really into play “Go Fish”. After about 5 hours each day of playing this game, I have had to call it quits. 

My Princess can’t identify the numbers, so she says, while pointing her finger and holding the card with the other hand, “Mommy, you got dis?”

“What is that sweet girl?” I try to get her to identify her numbers, thinking maybe this game could also be a learning experience, right.

“I no know.”

“It’s a 7.”

“Mommy, you got a 7?”

And so it goes on and on like this, hour after hour, game after game, day after day. It gets old!

So today we got out the Uno cards. Now, I hate Uno more than I hate Go Fish right now, but it was either play a different game or blow my brains out, so I chose another game.

My Buddy, My Princess and I all sat down to play. My Princess gave up after only one hand; she’d rather play with her toys (shocker!). So My Buddy and I played another round.

Now with Uno, some hands are quick, like mere seconds long, others take FOREVER. This one was pushing 7 or 8 minutes, and My Buddy was getting tired of having to keep drawing cards when he didn’t have the right color or number.

The card on the top of the pile was a green 5 and he throws down a yellow 3 and says, “I’m ready to not have it be green anymore.”

I’m with you on that one Buddy. No more green and please no more Uno for at least a day!

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