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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

5 simple words

There are some magic words in my house.

5 simple words that change the tone in my home.

No, they don't involve chocolate.

No, they don't involve yelling or screaming.

You wanna know these 5 simple words?

ok, brace yourself...

"Kids, please clean your room."

"Magic? How can those words be magic?" Is probably what you're thinking. In my house they are magic. They turn the boring old toys that the kids have spread all over the floor into toys they have never seen before. My kids will sit in their room "cleaning" for hours. They're not really cleaning, but playing with their toys and playing together.

It's amazing how asking them to clean up makes them want to play with their toys and play together. I have not heard yelling or screaming.

No, "he just hit me."

No, "she took my toy."

The only sounds I hear from their bedroom are the sounds of two happy kids laughing. Two kids who are using their imaginations. Two kids who have turned their bunk beds into a rocket ship. Two kids who have taken the lids off their tubs (the ones that hold all their toys) and turned them into boogie boards.

I love these noises I'm hearing. Their noises of happy children. Noises of kids who love each other. Noises of kids who are best friends. Noises of kids who never get tired of each other.

I know moments like these will not last forever, but while they do, I'm sitting back and enjoying each little moment. Trying to burn it into my brain. Trying to remember this moment forever, so when they're teenagers and fighting, I can remember the good times. The times like today when they're the best of friends.

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  1. LOL...Isaac is not going to like a picture of him in a pink dress! Ask his father how he likes the picture of him in a cheerleading outfit...LOL!! I love that they are the best of friends and have learned to play together whatever they decide that day. They can always be BFF in private, if not always in public when they get older. Take lots of pictures to keep their memories so they never forget how much fun they had.


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