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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fun Family Outings

As a mother of three small children, I am constantly looking for things to do with them. From playing at the park to going out to a museum, there are things that as a mom I need to remember.
  • Always make sure you have snacks and water for the kids. My kids are notorious for getting thirsty 5 minutes after stepping foot on the playground. They’re also notorious for wanting a snack. If I have taken the extra two minutes it takes to remember their water bottles and a snack, life is so much easier when the inevitable, “Mom, I’m hungry” happens.
  • Don’t forget the stroller. I have an almost 5 year-old who will walk for the most part, but his little sister who is 3, thinks she can walk everywhere, but tires out rather quickly. Just recently we went to the Georgia Aquarium and half way through, my daughter came down with a fever. We were really enjoying ourselves and she was comfy in the stroller we brought for her, so we stuck it out. She ended up having a good time and said her favorite part was “eating the shark”. Interesting how her favorite part was something we didn’t do
  • Make sure you know where the potty is. My son, the 5 year-old, ALWAYS has to use the potty EVERYWHERE we go! It’s like his bladder has an censor that tells him " hey, we’re in a public place, let’s test out the facilities". So I make sure to be very observant when it comes to knowing my location versus the location of the nearest bathroom.
  • Be ready to change your plans at any given moment. I will plan a fun day at the park, picnic lunch included, and my kids will foil the fun. Either they’ll be tired of playing or just don’t want to be there, but one way or another they’re over the fun day I had planned. Just be flexible, this fun was made for them and if they don’t want to enjoy the fun you’ve planned, no biggie. 
I have learned that remembering a few simple steps before I leave the house and remembering to have a good attitude can really change the outcome of taking my kids on an outing. And don’t forget to get out in the grass and play with them, it’s always more fun when mom’s playing too. 

Do you have any tips and tricks to making outings with kids easier and less stressful? I’d love to hear ‘em!

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