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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The first time I met his parents...

Oswald's Mom and Dad at Suzi's wedding June 2004
I will forever remember the first time I met my future in-laws. 

It was the middle of December in Florida. A group of Young Single Adults (YSA's) were wanting to get together and hang out, but his family was making Christmas goodies to take around to some families in their ward. So instead of everyone getting together and leaving Suzi and Oswald out, we changed locations.

There were date balls and cream cheese squares and sugar cookies and homemade fudge and oh my the sugar was flowing around that kitchen.

Because I was working for a television station and my schedule was from 10am-7pm, I was the last YSA to arrive. I pulled up to his parents house, yes he still lived with his parents--more to come on that. I parked my red Chevy S10 along the street, got out of my truck, straightened my clothes and walked up the the paved walkway leading to their front door.

Little did I know I was walking into a house that would one day become very familiar to me.

I knocked on the front door and waited. I waited for what felt like forever, when the door opened, it was not Oswald, but another friend of mine. 

"Hey Jennie, come in. We just started the movie, you didn't miss anything."

"Oh cool, thanks."

I walked through the foyer and into the living room. The room was sprawling with YSA's. They were on the couches and the floor, sitting by the fireplace and on the arm rests, not only were they in the living room, but they were in the kitchen helping Oswald's mom make the Christmas treats. 

Oswald caught a glimpse of me and smiling walked over to me and gave me an akward, "Hey Jennie, How's it going?"

"Good, how are you?"

"Oh good, just helping Faith make some candy." He walked back into the kitchen and continued to cook.

I surveyed the room, eying everyone who was there, but before I could find a seat, his mom was calling my name. "Hey Jennie, why don't you come in here to help Oswald make some sugar cookies." Almost like she was trying to help her son and me get to know each other better.


"I'm Laurie, it's nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too."

Oswald and I began making the cookie dough. Between cups of sugar, vanilla, eggs, and flour we found ourselves immersed in a wonderful conversation. We talked about holiday traditions and how their family was taking these goodies to families who needed a little extra Holiday cheer. 

We started talking about how my family always drove around town to look at the Christmas lights. All 6 kids and my parents would load up in our family Suburban and drive around town, just to see the lights. 

"Are there any cool neighborhoods that put out lights every year here?" I asked Oswald hoping to bring one of my family traditions to Florida since it was my first Christmas spent away from home. 

"Yea, there are a couple. We should go check them out."

Oswalds dad helped us find the way to the Christmas lights. He had been in another room working on another dessert. He showed off his skills when he showed me how he could crack an egg with one hand, and if I remember correctly, I think he tried to convince me he had never cracked an egg until that very moment! Always a joker.

We put on our coats, leaving our cookies neglected, and got into my truck. Oswald drove my stick-shift truck. He stalled in the driveway, at an intersection, and several more times as we drove slowly through the decorated streets.

We found the neighborhood he remembered seeing lights, but were highly disappointed. There were only like 4 houses that had lights. 

The entire time we were in my truck, our arms were placed side by side on the arm rest, but Oswald never made a move. He never tried to hold my hand. He never even attempted to brush my fingers with his fingers. 

He sat in the drivers seat ridged. Scared out of his mind. It had been two years since he had been out with a girl. He didn't know what to do or what was expected of him, so he did nothing.

The conversation was great the entire time we were looking at lights, but when we got back, everyone was gone. There were no more YSA's to be seen. His parents and sisters teased us that we "parked" and made out the entire time. 

I wouldn't have minded him kissing me or EVEN holding my hand, but it didn't happen that night. It was a nice and slow courtship, but one full of surprise and excitement!

Sometimes I still wonder if they really think we were made out the entire time we were gone or if they just like to tease!?

Coming up...the first time he kissed me and the story of the "leg pop"

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