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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We've been stuck in doors for over three days now. There is 6 inches of snow and ice covering most of the roads. Luckily, I had enough food to last us for our snow bounded days, but I did not have enough creativity to keep my kids from having cabin fever.

Let's break down the days of being snowed in and we'll see if it wouldn't drive you a little crazy, too!

Day 1: We got showered and went right back to put our jammies back on. No use in getting dressed, we weren't going anywhere. We watched, something like, four movies! That's right, four!

Day 2: We got out the kids puzzles. We worked on puzzles while Oswald braved the snow covered streets to get his work laptop in order to work at home. I think we watched two movies this day. No biggie, we watch at least one movie every day. Oh, and we can't forget about the insane number of times I transformed my Buddy's Transformers!

Day 3: We actually got dressed today! We sat around the house playing toys and trying to figure out what on earth we would do! Then, my Princess took matters into her own hands...

That's right, my little creative genius got on her new bike and started pedaling away! She tried her hardest to ride, but the carpet, plus pedals with "spikes" make it hard for a barefooted 3 year-old to go very far.
I am happy to report that we did survive being stuck in the snow, and we have finally made it out of our cave. But one good thing did happen, I now have a new way to save money on gas: get snowed in for 3 days and not drive anywhere! What would I do if I lived up north? Probably end up hibernating like bears, I guess!

But that's what it's like for this Mormon Mommy.

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  1. We had a couple snow days recently and I was SO glad! We just did NOTHING--which was a WELCOME change!!! :)


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