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Thursday, January 20, 2011


So, I just spent a hour, that's right an HOUR of my precious time on picnik.com trying to make a cute fun header for my blog...guess what...it didn't work.

I'm pretty frustrated!

Any tips on how to make it so the collage I make is not blurry? because the one I made, just. won't. work.


  1. I use picasa & it's super duper easy. I'll help you if you want? :)

  2. Hi!

    Brenda from the Picnik team here. Ooh, I can understand your frustration in trying to get your header looking good. I like how you've used Picnik to put it together. But you're right...it is very blurry.

    I think that you are running into a problem with Blogger that has just popped up today. Looks like Blogger is resizing any image you upload for your header to only 400 pixels wide. When you then view the page, the browser stretches the image to fit your template, and it ends up being blurry/pixelated.

    I found a thread in Blogger's help forum about this issue:

    You might want to check there for more information and some workarounds that folks have found for this problem.

    The image is being saved fine by Picnik so I hope that Blogger's problem is fixed soon and your header can be shown properly.

    team picnik


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