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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why I chose to be a stay at home mommy

My entire life I only wanted to be a mom. I guess I can't really say Only, because there were periods in time where I wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer. Another period of time, I wanted to be a professional photographer and another time I wanted to be the next Katie Couric (Meridith Viera stole that job out from under me!)

But for the most part, I have always wanted to be a mom. You see, my own mom was a wonderful mom. She had periods in her life where she had to work and other times where she got to stay home with us kids.

When I was in high school, she taught music at a local elementary school, so she was always gone when I was gone, but on those days when she was home "sick" were some of my favorites. I would come home from school to a house that smelled like dinner or cookies or cleaning solution. I loved coming home to a "sick" mom who had a smile on her face and who had spent the day getting ready for her kids to return home. She was and still is an amazing example.

But she is not the only reason I wanted to stay home with my kids.

I graduated from college, and got a full-time job that I loved. I wrote for a television station in Florida and another one in Utah. I made good money. I had excellent benefits. I enjoyed my job. My need for instant gratification was satisfied on a nightly basis. My work was always on tv each night. Amazing!

But when I was about 6 months pregnant with my Buddy, I had a melt down. I threw myself on the floor of my apartment on proceeded to break down. I said, "Why do I have to work? I am supposed to be home with my kids! I'm gonna miss out on everything, his first step, his first tooth, his first everything."

I'm sure I made Oswald feel really guilty, but he was in school and working full-time. I had no business being at home. But he made me a promise that I would be able to stay home and teach and nurture our kids.

My Buddy was about 6 months old when I was finally able to stop working. I did not miss his first step. I did not miss when he started to crawl. I did not miss anything. And I have not missed any of the things my Princess has done or my Little Man.

Sure we've had financial struggles because of this decision, but we have also been greatly blessed. Blessed beyond our imagination. Financial blessing. Spiritual blessings. Family blessings. Blessings of more kids.

I would not change this part of my life for anything in the world. It's amazing how lucky I am to be a stay at home mom. It's a job that's very important to me and one I take very seriously. It's more important than any television job I could have ever had.

Do you stay at home or work? What were the key factors in your decision? Would you change your decision in any way? I love comments, so leave your thoughts with me!!


  1. I love staying at home--though sometimes I wish I had a little outlet outside where I could work now and then. Hopefully in time I will get to that point--but for now, I love doing what I do as a mom--and I wouldn't change it for ANYTHING!

  2. I got to stay at home when my first was 8 months old. It took moving to another state to do so. I was the same, I mostly wanted to be married with kids as well growing up. It has definately been a blessing for us.

  3. Someday I would love to stay at home ... but considering I don't have children yet, work is just fine. Not to mention that it will be forever until my husband has a full-time job. Too bad you don't get paid to be a student!


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