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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Princess to the Rescue...

It's chore time at our house. I have been washing 5 loads of laundry, scrubbing bathrooms, vacuuming floors, and sorting toys. I feel like Cinderella as her step-sisters, aka my children, are busing playing. But alas, the last thing on my list are the dishes overflowing in the kitchen sink.

But I need not fear, my Princess is here...she will pull her stool from the bathroom and gently place it on the kitchen floor. Climb up on it and plunge those plump little fingers into the warm soapy water. She'll swish those bubbles all over the place, not really cleaning anything. But, at the same time, feeling as though she's the biggest helper her mommy ever had!

For a few moments those bubbles are free. Free until they hit my floor
or her shirt
or the sides of the counter tops.

She's big into helping this 3 year-old of mine. And it's amazing how good of a job she can do, when I actually let her help me with the chores.

You see, she's a Mommy In Training and how will she ever perfect her skills if she's never given the opportunity?

How do you teach your kids to do their share of the work around the house? What are some of your tricks to make them think they're having fun while they're actually working!

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  1. I love that her hair and nails are done while she's doing dishes!


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