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Friday, February 11, 2011

And the winner is...

Heather Mills!!!
 these beauties are headed your way...

and the winner of the second drawing...
Basil Family!! 

These beauties are yours!!

contact me at amormonmommy@gmail.com by noon tomorrow Sat Feb 13th or these gorgeous clips go to someone else!! (I need your address, so Whitney can send you the beautiful blows!)

And for all of my lucky readers...Whitney Simms is giving a discount to her shop...when you place your first order, get FREE shipping!! That's right, you don't have to buy the bows...buy anything in her shop and get free shipping! That's good for all you readers who only have boys!!
here's her shop
and thanks Whitney for my first ever giveaway!


  1. I was hoping I would win and then save them for a girl in the future. So cool that Whitney made these!

  2. Natalie--I totally forget that you know Whitney!! You should check out her shop. She could make something totally cool for Finley!!

  3. Jennie, thank you for letting me spread the word about my new venture on your blog. It was so much fun doing this. We will surely do it again!

    And to everyone who saw my work.. thanks for all the kind words. Makes me feel very special.


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