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Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Favorites--Baby version

With a baby in the house again, I am learning what things I love all over again.

1. I love his cheeks. They are so soft and kissable. Plus, they are good for endless smiles that crush his eyes almost closed!

2. I love his seat. I love that he can sit in it all by himself and look around at the world, all while he's out of the way. He uses it to eat his dinner and to be entertained while I'm in the shower. If you've never used one, it's worth the money!

3. Teething rings. Not only do they make his gums feel good, but give him a different toy to play with for a few minutes. Let's hope these teeth get here quick!

4. I love the baby powder my mother-in-law gave me. It's Desitin and I have never seen it before. It's amazing. If there's any way you can get your hands on some, it's totally worth the search.

5. I love the snuggles, the kisses, the unconditional love, and the added happiness in our home.

What are some things you love about having a baby in the home? What are some of your tried and true things you can't live without?

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