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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Temple Tour

This past week the Atlanta Temple has been open to the public, LDS and non-LDS. This is an opportunity to see the inside of a Temple of our church before it is dedicated to the sacred work that is done there.

Oswald and I decided to take our kids on a tour. It's the only time they'll go inside until they are 12 when they can do baptisms.

Because the Temple is such a sacred place to us and the members of our church, it is very important to us that our children understand it's importance and that they love the Temple.

First we started by watching a movie. We learned about the Atlanta Temple and how it has impacted the area around it. We learned how the Atlanta Temple serviced the entire south east for several years, but now there is a Temple in every state surrounding Georgia.

Absolutely. Amazing.

After the video, we walked up to the front doors. On each of the Temples are inscribed in gold, "Holiness to the Lord, House of the Lord." That sums it all up. This building is holy. This building is His house. This building is special and sacred.

Before we entered, they slipped shoe coverings on our feet so we would not get the carpet dirty. We walked into the foyer. We saw the bridal room, breathtaking. We saw the rooms where we receive instruction. We saw the celestial room. We saw huge chandeliers hanging in each room. We saw the sealing rooms where mirrors are on two side of the room, facing each other, where you can see multiple reflections of the people in the mirror (representing eternal families). We saw the baptistery. My kids were in awe of the baptistery. They wanted to stay in that room and just look at the font.

I told my Buddy that he could come back when he's 12 and do baptisms. His face fell. Then it clicked, he's excited for when he's 8 to get baptized himself. I told him, in the happiest voice I could do, but remain reverent, "But you get to be baptized when you're 8!!!"

A smile crossed his lips and we walked out holding hands.

When we left, they took the shoe coverings and we talked to a little tent for some refreshments. As my kids were sitting there, I asked them their favorite part of the Temple.

My Buddy said, "I like the baptism part."

"Yea, I like the baptism pool." said my Princess.

I hope they remember this experience forever, I know I will.
(My big kids being reverent)
If you are in the Atlanta or surrounding states, the Temple is open for another week. It is an amazing opportunity and well worth the drive. I invite any and all to come visit, you will not be disappointed!


  1. So cool that your kids got to tour the temple. It sounds awesome!

  2. If it wasn't so far away, I definitely would love to check it out. I have always been curious what they look like inside. :o)

  3. You should frame this picture to go in their room, them in front of the temple. Looking at that picture will always remind them of their time there and the desire to go again. It is one of the best pictures of them together in awhile.


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