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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A simple how-to...

My family April 2011

How to have a perfectly, fabulous vacation:

Every year, at least once maybe more (I prefer more), Oswald and I pack up the kids and drive south. 

We drive for about 5 hours to our vacation destination of choice...Jacksonville. 

We stay at a lovely bed and breakfast that includes free childcare, whenever we want. 

Not only does this bed and breakfast have free childcare, but they have a couple of excellent chefs at our disposal. They make things like; country ribs, spaghetti with made-from-scratch sauce, and roast to name a few.

But the best thing about this bed and breakfast is the fact that they take their services on the road. They travel to the beach taking their luxury with them.

A canopy, beach chairs, boogie boards, beach towels, sunscreen, pack-n-play (if needed), their charcoal grill, hot dogs and all the fixin's, and anything else you could imagine or want.

Oh, and another great thing about this bed and breakfast is that me and my family stay for FREE! That's right, FREE and the people there think babysitting while Oswald and I go on a date, is fun!!

And it get's even better...when we're on the other side of the country we have a desert vacation spot just like our Florida vacation spot...guess we're just super lucky!


  1. Cute family picture! I would love to have one! So glad you came and had a good time. We always enjoy having you for as long as you can stay. Thanks for all the compliments!

    Love to all,

  2. LUUUUUUCKY! Our families both live in the same state--30 minutes away--and there is nothing beachy or exciting per se about Idaho. :) So glad you had a fantastic vacation!

    ....although...now that I know we're technically cousins (lol) my vacation spots have expanded....right?

  3. Great photo! Glad you guys had a nice vacay!

  4. Yay ! Everyone is smiling in the picture at the same time...it was good to see you all and your darling children !


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