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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I know I'm slow...

 November 2010

I know I'm slow posting about Mother's Day, but I have an excellent excuse!

Saturday I woke up with a sore throat, no biggie. I have dealt with this thousands of times before. By Saturday night my body ached. Like I thought someone was jabbing a knife into my back. Plus, my throat went from a small ache to feeling like I had shards of glass inside it.

That night, I had a hard time sleeping. I woke up several times freezing, then sweating, then freezing again! My body shook from the fever.

When the morning finally came around, I was completely exhausted. Oswald made me some french toast (my absolute favorite breakfast) and I cringed as I swallowed each and every bite.

I ended up taking a nap before 10am! Oswald and the kids bought me Guitar Hero for the Wii for Mother's Day. He wanted to get me a gift I wouldn't buy for myself. It was so nice to be thought of even when I felt so horrible.

I skipped church and rested the entire time. When Oswald and the big kids came home, I wasn't feeling any better. I had been taking Tylenol the whole day, so the aches were gone and I could swallow without much pain. But the fever and sweating continued off and on the whole night.

Monday morning Oswald was able to work from home, so I headed to the doctor. It takes 5 minutes for the instant strep test to come back...at 4 minutes she checked it and said, "Well, you have strep."

"Great." was my reply!

I have been on penicillin for 24 hours and I think I am no longer contagious, but I am not taking any chances. We've been washing/sanitizing our hands for days now. No sharing drinks over here and I am now in the process of washing load after load of laundry.

Tomorrow: my thoughts on Mother's day...just 3 days late!

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