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Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Favorites--Summer Fun!

Friday Favorites this week:

1. The Swimming Pool: our big kids just got new goggles to wear and my little man loves his floaty. They would be in the pool for hours if I could handle all three of them for that long! It's hard being there alone when all three of them demand my attention.

2. The $1 Movies: Regal Cinemas is at it again. They show kid movies every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the summer. We're totally stoked to hit the shows again!!

3. The A/C: It's hot and humid here in Georgia, and without A/C, I think I would die!

4. Watermelon: we cut up the first one tonight, and it was delish! What a great way to get a fruit into your kids that they will actually love to eat!

5. The BBQ: We have grilled out several times already this summer. Oswald is the Master Griller! He is amazing with those charcoal. To bad he doesn't have a grill currently because I broke the one he had. Plus, grilling at an apartment complex is pretty difficult!

What are some of your favorite things during the summer time???

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