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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oral Surgeon

My buddy is headed to the oral surgeon on Thursday. And this mommy is not excited about it. He's being put to sleep, so the doctor can "probe" around in the tooth extraction site to see why it's not healing properly. 
Here's the background:

A little over a month ago, my Buddy's gum started looking purple. We immediately made a dentist appointment for him. He sat in the dentist chair like a champ while the dentist told me his front tooth would need to be extracted.

The dentist thinks his teeth may have experienced some trauma, making the gum abscess and turn purple. So we schedule the extraction for a few days later. 

This was supposed to be an easy endeavor, but it never quite healed properly. He ate corn and it bled, he ate an ice cream cone, it bled. 

We went back to the dentist, had more x-rays and discovered that a surgeon would have to flush out the tooth site and see what was causing it not to heal.

Oswald, upon my Buddy's request, took him to the oral surgeon. On the ride home, Oswald called to tell me that they will have to put my Buddy to sleep for this procedure and will need to have an anesthesiologist there to make sure the sedation goes well.

I'm nervous. But it's compounded when I begin filling out the paperwork for the anesthesiologist. I'm answering questions like: 
have you or anyone in your family had problems with anesthesia?
are you allergic to latex or rubber products?

normal, right? until I got to these questions:


now, I'm pretty nervous. I'm trying not to worry about them putting my baby (5 year old) to sleep. I've been comforted by my mom and sister who are both studying to be nurses that procedures like this happy all the time. But he's my boy and I'm worried. I have the right to be worried, right? Tell me it's okay to be worried, just don't tell Oswald about this conversation, cuz I told him the "Queen of Worrying" would try not to worry!


  1. Oh sweet Jennie! Hayden's been under twice. Once before his 2nd birthday to fix a hernia and then again Christmas Day 2009 when he had surgery on his throat. The first time was more difficult simply because he was younger and he kept pulling at his IVs.

    The second time was easier because he was old enough to understand not to pull and tug at everything.

    It's like waking up from a really bad headache and it'll be hard, but he'll be just fine!

  2. It is very normal to be worried about your little guy. You're a mom that's part of the job. It is very rare that anything unusual would happen but the chance that it could would have any mom worried. Work with what you've got, you have faith in a God that loves you and your Buddy let Him give you peace, use your supportive family and friends to lean on and use the facts that this a procedure that is preformed frequently and you have professionals who know what they are doing. It's going to be fine. (((Hugs)))

  3. I hope everything goes well. I am sure you are just nervous and nothing too big to worry about. They do it everyday right?

  4. I would be worried if you weren't worried! What you are feeling is normal for a mom. I agree with the others, that you have to have faith in the doctors and faith in Heavenly Father to watch over your baby. We will be saying our prayers for all of you. Lots of Love from me to you.


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