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Monday, June 13, 2011

She naps...

Poor girl didn't even get a pillow case before she crashed!

We've had a busy summer already and we're only at the start of week three! But when your summer is only 8 weeks long, we have to make the most of it!

Two weeks ago, my parents came into town to watch my kids while I went to girl's camp. They were here for 12 days...12 wonderful days! It had been a whole year since I had seen them (besides Skype).

My Princess has not taken a nap in MONTHS! She just has too much going on to sleep and that's fine with me since my Buddy doesn't nap either. This way they're in bed early and I get the evening either to myself or to spend with Oswald! 

But by the time my parents went home, my Princess was fit to be tied. She had been sassy for days already and I knew that if I didn't get her to nap one of us would lose it! 

Oswald had taken my Buddy to the oral surgeon to see about his tooth extraction not healing, so I took that opportunity to persuade her to fall asleep. She got on the bed with me because I needed her to snuggle me to sleep. *wink, wink*

It took a little while, but as soon as she crashed, she was snoring logs! She slept for 3 hours and Oswald had to wake her up! She was so pleasant the entire rest of the night. What a blessing because she can be a real bear at times. 

We've had another busy weekend, I wonder if I can convince her to take another nap...question is will by Buddy get in on the nap time too? Is 5 1/2 to old to take a nap?????


  1. She is so cute sleeping. I hope Isaac's tooth is ok!

  2. Such a little cherub face, hard to believe she is ever a bear! She could snuggle me to sleep anytime.


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