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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Before and After...

This morning, I awoke to dishes covering every counter space I have (which is very limited), a bed that needed to either be made or the sheets cleaned, and laundry that had been waiting to be folded for over a week. 

I made myself a bet. The bet was, how much I could get done in one hour. I set the timer on the oven and decided I would not answer any texts or phone calls during that hour. I even told my kids to play by themselves, but I promise, I did attend to anything that was a serious matter.

This is what my house looked like:

 A bed that needed to be made/washed with clothes that needed to be put away!
 A kitchen that was NASTY! Dishes that needed to be washed, counters that needed to be cleaned, and dirty floors.

At about minute 56 of my 60 minute time frame, I got some laundry helpers....
 The big kids can actually put their clothes on hangers...my little man...all he does is throw clothes everywhere!
 Here is my house after about 70 minutes of cleaning...

 Looks like my table needs to be re-finished.
I decided to wash the sheets, there's nothing better in this world than clean sheets! 

So if you feel overwhelmed by the mess in your house, just remember that this Mormon Mommy cleaned her disaster in an hour! Giving yourself a time-frame really helps make you feel super productive. Because right now, I'm listening to laundry being washed and dried and the dishwasher going! It's a wonderful sound. 

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!


  1. Will definitely be doing this today....after I catch up on an episode of Drop Dead Diva. lol. I totally need a good hour long clean. :) Looks awesome!!!

  2. It's amazing what you can accomplish in an hour! Good for you!

  3. Good job! I like to pace myself and do alittle everyday. Then I dont hate the job, see results in little time and dont feel like the maid!

  4. I like this method:) I can get my entire main level clean in an hour so I think I will adopt the timer method on a daily basis to help keep a clean home:)



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