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Friday, July 8, 2011

The count down is on!

(my buddy starting his first day of Joy School September 2009)

The morning I became a mother for the first time, everything felt right with the world. I remember holding that little baby in my arms and never wanting to let him go. I remember the way he smelled and the way his eyes were wrinkled like an old man's. I remember changing his diaper for the first time. I remember thinking he would never be 5, that he would never go off to school, that he would always be my little baby.

Well, I was wrong. And now, the start of the school year is down to just over three weeks away, and I'm a little panicked. I'm a little nervous. I am scared to send this sweet little boy out in the world. I am nervous about the things he will learn. I am nervous that he will be bullied. I am just nervous.

What will I do without him home all day? He's been with me just about every day of his life all day. What will he do without me all day? Will he miss me? I know I'll miss him.

A friend of mine put her arms around me and gave me some words of advice. I can't remember the exact words, but I remember the feeling it gave me. A feeling that everything would be okay and that by buddy will be just fine in school. 

I know he'll make friends. I know he'll love learning. I know he'll THRIVE in school. I know he won't struggle. 

It's me I'm concerned about. I know some of you are thinking, "you still have two kids at home to occupy your time." and that statement is true, but he's my oldest. He's my helper. He's my buddy! 

So from all of you mom's who have "been there, done that", I need some advice. What can I do to help calm my nerves about sending my buddy to kindergarten. Help put this mom's heart at ease!

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  1. why does school start so early there? 3 weeks?!? summer just started here! i love that he took his hymn book with him the first day of school. so cute.
    i'm almost there with you. shae doesn't start k get, but i'm sending her to preschool 4 days a week next year. granted, it's 3 hours a day, nothing like k, but it's still NERVE RACKING!! :) good luck. you both will do great!


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