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Thursday, July 28, 2011


 Oswald's 28th Birthday party...29 was spent in Georgia all by himself...this year has to rock!

Party plans are underway at our house.

We're cutting and gluing...we're writing love letters.

It's all because Oswald turns 30 tomorrow! It's so exciting! I love birthdays! I think birthdays should be a big deal and that everyone should feel super special on their big day.

So shhhh!!

I have super plans to get a babysitter for tomorrow night and go to dinner with some of our friends. I'm exciting because he's been begging to go to this restaurant for months now...and here's our chance!!

I can't wait to see his face! It's going to be so much fun!

And what will be even better is if we can get the offer to go through on a house we really want to rent! That might tip the scales from an awesome day to an overwhelming day!!


So what is your favorite way to celebrate your birthday?
--I love to be with my family and friends. It's always nice to have a quaint day with my kids and then to have breakfast made just for me! Makes me feel like I am super loved!

What was the most memorable birthday ever?
--I remember turning 16 and my mom throwing me a surprise party. All of my friends were there and even boys! It was so much fun. Then the first year Oswald and I were married, he had his family come to our apartment and be inside when I walked in the door. They all screamed at me and scared the pants off me. As long as I lived in that apartment, I was always afraid to open the door for fear that someone would scream at me when I walked in the door!


  1. cant wait to hear about all the surprizes from you and the kids. I am sure he will appreciate all your efforts. I am keeping my fingers crossed on the house situation. Let us know. Have the kids give Daddy birthday kisses and spankings from Beesha and Dziedze too. LOL

  2. How fun for the kids, I bet they are just as excited for his b'day to come! I bet your friends are super excited to go to dinner, KID FREE! *wink *wink!


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