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Monday, August 1, 2011

School saga

Getting my Buddy enrolled in school has literally been a nightmare. At least that's what I am blaming my lack of sleep on, stressing about him going to school today.

A few weeks ago we began looking for a rental house. The process seemed to be going along just fine, until we went to put an offer on a rental and it was gone. Snatched up in an instant. Every other house we looked at just seemed to no be exactly what we wanted.

Then last week, we magically got a new Realtor and she found us a house to look at. It's perfect. It's a 3 bedroom 2 bath ranch. I don't like stairs, so a ranch is my dream home! It also has a sun room that we're going to make the play room and a sitting room in the master, which will be Oswalds office.

But even once we found the house, the stress did not stop there. We made an offer, and it was countered with the excuse, " we can't go that low, it would put to much of a financial burden on us".

So we finally agreed on terms of the lease, so I head to the school where my Buddy will be zoned for and they hand me back a huge stack of papers to register him. They need his birth certificate, his social security card, his immunization records, his dental records, proof of where we will live--notarized, a signed affidavit from the owners of the house saying we're going to live there--notarized, and then the regular administrative forms.

I go home and begin filling out the forms. I wanted to have everything by Friday, so he could meet his teacher at the open house. But alas, the paperwork took much longer than anyone expected, so we didn't get to officially enroll him.

However, we still went to the open house. It was nice to get an idea of where things are at the school and what he'll be doing.

 He is a Liberty Lion
His friends go there, too. L-man is even in his class with him! Let's hope they can behave!!

So on Sunday morning, we got the call that the owner of the house approved us to rent their house. Huge blessing! But it was not until Sunday night at 9:30pm that we finally had all the necessary paperwork to register my Buddy for school the next morning!

But, he's registered now and officially a kindergartner! No tears were shed, I think we're all too excited to cry. Oswald stayed home with the little kiddos while I took my Buddy because they were still asleep. 

My Princess had a major melt-down at the Open House because she wanted to go to school with her brother and her friends. So it was probably best that she was asleep when we left!

 Here he is unloading his backpack!
 Sitting down to his first assignment! He was so excited to start working!!

And if you're wondering what we did to entertain ourselves this morning! It's amazing how much you can accomplish when you wake up over an hour earlier than normal!!

We did our grocery shopping all before 10am! It was wonderful. My Little Man is napping, my Princess is watching a show and I have already completed my workout. 

It kinda feels like my Princess is an only child...she gets to pick everything!! I'm sure she is loving it!!

Now we just need to decide if we'll swim before we pick up my Buddy or after...decisions, decisions.


Has school started for your family yet? If so, how did you handle the first day? Did you cry, jump for joy, kick them to the bus stop? Let me know!!
--no tears, just excitement!
What do you remember the most about the first day of school?
--seeing everyone again, for sure! In High School it was all about the new clothes that I had gotten over the summer

Did you pack a lunch or eat school lunch?
--in elementary, I always had school lunch, but in high school we would go home to eat lunch.


  1. YAY! I have been waiting for this post. So glad that you found the right school and got him registered. So fun! What a big boy!

  2. I am so glad everything worked out Jennie. I remember the mountains of paperwork and documents we had to provide for 5 kids while registering for a new school. We moved every 3 years so it seemed like it would never end. Your Buddy looks so happy to start school and your Princess is getting a nice dose of "Sweet Mommy 1 on 1 time" while he's there.

    Your kids are just adorable !


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