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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Help around the house

It's no secret, I like my kids to help around the house. I think it develops character, plus if they never learn to wash the clothes or clean the toilets, when they move out of my house, who will do it for them? They're not bringing dirty laundry home from college with them! No way, no how!

So, we don't necessarily have a "chore chart" (I wish we did), but we do have things we expect from our kids. They clear off the table before we eat dinner. It's usually 95% of the time cluttered with their "crafty" creations. I love when they're creative, but the mess is almost more than I can handle!

They also have to clean their room before they go to bed for the night. Some times the room is cleaner than others, but most of the time they're pretty good about straightening it up.

They also help me clean the bathrooms. The are in charge of scrubbing the inside of the toilet. They think using the brush and getting rid of all the green or blue (whatever color comes out of the Lysol bottle).

But I do have one kid who is so darn cute (they're all cute really) when he tries to help. He's really the best at washing the dishes. He can't pull any dishes out, but boy is he a pro at getting inside the dishwasher.

Now we all know that a dishwasher door will hold approximately 22lbs! Just in case you were wondering. And no, the dishwasher is not dirty...just a little rust on the side. Remember we're moving out of this place in a couple more days...and a new dishwasher is in our future!!

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