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Monday, August 8, 2011

Sent Home!

My Buddy is home from school. Sick.

His symptoms:
  • red eye
  • swollen eye
  • extra drainage
His behavior
  • playing with this sister like they haven't seen each other in 6 months.
  • eating food constantly
  • being a little sassy
I thought being sent home from school by the nurse meant something was wrong with you! Guess things have changed since I was in school.

We are headed to the doctor. The nurse at the Pediatricians office said that because the lid is swollen, they want to rule out cellulitis. Whatever that is! So hopefully after this $30 copay we'll have some answers! Why can't my almost through with nursing school sister and my CNA mother live in down the street? Then I wouldn't have to go to the darn doctor unless I needed a prescription!

UPDATE: It's pink eye! He has to be on meds for 24 hours before he can return to school...so he doesn't get to go back until Wednesday!! Bummer!


  1. So sad to miss a day in the first weeks! Hopefully the Dr. will give you something and he will be ready to go to school tomorrow!
    (BTW, My MIL is a RN and will be here in less than a month)

  2. Well I'd say I wish I lived down the street as well! And I could definitely explain cellulitis to ya!
    Hope your buddy bets better...too bad he had to miss school today.
    Love you a bunch!!

  3. My son had chronic ear/eye infections for months. The moment you listed his symptoms I knew exactly what it was. At least its an easy fix (although the drops do sting). Hope your little man feels better soon.


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