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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

All Shapes and Sizes

Yesterday, I asked Oswald to pick up my Buddy's prescription from the grocery store and he said he would, so I brushed it out of my mind.

At 4pm I called him to see if he was on his way, and he told me that he car would not start. He had one of his employees help jump start his car and nothing.

I went to get the prescription and prayed that Oswald would be able to get things figured out without it costing too much money.

We're trying to move into a new rental house and money is just not growing on any trees we own, maybe it's because we don't own any trees?

This morning we were discussing our finances and the stress was pretty high. When Oswald gets stressed, he tends to shut down. I tend to eat. But I am overcoming that tendency.

I went into my bedroom and poured out my heart in prayer, the kind of pouring like when you see a waterfall. I cried my eyes out that we would get this taken care of and that things would work out for us.

We decided to drive down to his office and see if we could get it figured out. We took off the box to look at all the spark plugs, we opened the hood to find the alternator to see if it was something we could manage on our own. Oswald called Napa Auto Parts, they said to bring the battery down and they would give it enough juice to at least start. Then we would be able to move the car to get the alternator fixed.

We don't have the money to fix an alternator, not with all the expenses we have coming up. So while he was taking the battery off, a whole bunch of acid crusties (that's the professional vernacular) fell off the batter cable. He said, "I wonder if I put this back and turn the car on, if it would start?"

"It wouldn't hurt, I replied."

He sat down in the car, and it started up immediately! I got back in the truck with the kids and as I was driving home, said a prayer of thanks. I began to cry at the blessing that we had just received...it was a big one to us!

How amazing to know that when we say prayers, our Heavenly Father answers them. It's wonderful and I am thankful that our Father in Heaven has given us a way to communicate with him. Talk about a blessing!


  1. I am so happy and grateful for your blessing today. Grateful for your faith and willingness to do your part in asking for blessings and listening to the promptings of what to do and how to resolve your situation. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So happy it all worked out and good job leaning on the Lord for strength and being open to the spirit through prayer !


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