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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tales from the Bus

When I was younger, I rode the bus to and from school. My older brother was on the bus with me from day one, and the next year, my younger brother was on the bus, too. We rode the bus for probably 1-2 miles one way, along with dozens of other kids.

There was one day I will never forget, probably the only memory I have of riding the bus as a small kid. We were on our way home. It was probably 100 degrees on the bus, that was cool considering it was probably 115 degrees outside. In Arizona back in the late 80's we didn't have a/c on buses, not sure if they do now or not. But the windows were down and the bus driver was in a mood.

All of the boys on the bus were goofing around and the bus driver was not having it. He pulled the bus over to the side of the road and walked up to my brothers and said, "Don't bounce your balls on the bus. No. More. Balls. On. The. Bus!!"

Of course my brothers being the ages they were took this outburst from the bus driver the wrong way. They started laughing. They laughed the whole ride home.

The ran down the street as fast as they could to tell my mom all about it. They ran in the front door and yelled, "Mom, the bus driver said no bouncing your balls on the bus! We can't take our balls on the bus anymore!"

The tone in their voices made my mom laugh right along with the boys. I can't wait to hear the kinds of stories my Little Buddy will tell after riding the bus for a few years.

His first few days were super exciting for him. He loves getting up early to catch the bus with the bigger kids (his school is K-6). He sits next to a girl in his class and can't stop talking about her. They're best friends and he loves her, is what he tells me on a daily basis. He gets on the bus at school and enjoys being there. It's nice for me too. I no longer have to wake up the other kids to drive to school and I also no longer need to wake my little man up from his nap to pick his big brother up from school.

The best part is that the bus picks up and drops off right down the road from our house. Not even 100 yards away. I know we still have 3/4 of the school year left, but I hope this fascination with riding the bus lasts a long time!!

Did you ever ride the bus as a kid? Do you have any fun stories you want to share??

What's your favorite dessert? I want to know the recipe, too!
--My favorite dessert is apple pie. My mother-in-law has a delicious recipe for apple pie. Maybe if you're nice, I'll share it with you! :)


  1. I thought it was cool to ride a bus when I was in elementary school because you sat so high up and I remember thinking the bus was going really fast because you would slide around on big leather seats on curves and hitting a bump was like a roller coaster ride! I am glad your school kid is enjoying the ride!

    You can share any dessert with me! lol

  2. Awww so cute and funny! We live too close to school to get a bus! Boo. Fin will be so disappointed he will have to walk or have me drive him!


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