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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Tradition

It's a tradition in our family to carve a pumpkin...I guess that's a tradition in everyone's family...but in our's Oswald carves the pumpkin.

The kids decide how it should look.

I draw the design, first on paper and then on the pumpkin.

Oswald then uses the biggest knife he can find and proceeds to slice and dice.

This year we decided that my Buddy has an excellent jack-o-lantern pattern going on with his own teeth.

Once the top was taken off, the kids were ready to gut the gourd. Talk about a funny experience. My Princess was loving it...

But her BIG brother...the face explains it all!

This year's jack-o-lantern carving was even more fun then in years previous. I think holiday's get more fun with each passing year, especially with kids who are so excitable!


  1. You guys are so on top of things carving your pumpkin already! It turned out really cute!

  2. Cute! I love carving pumpkins. They don't last very long here in the hot weather, so we usually wait until the day before Halloween.


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