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Thursday, November 3, 2011

A little misty eyed

The last few days have been emotional ones for me. I'm sure it has something to do with being pregnant, but it probably also has to do with a few of the conversations I have heard happen.

A couple of days ago, we were all riding home from some friends house and my kids were talking about what they want to be when they grow up.

My Princess asked her big brother, "What do you want to be when you get big?"

"I want to be an Iron Chef" he replied confidently.

"I want to be a mommy." she said without skipping a beat.

Sometimes I wonder if the "work" I do around the house is noticed or just brushed aside as "what mom does." Seriously, when I heard those words, my eyes filled up with tears. She wants to be a mommy. What a great goal to have. She'll make a great mommy and I hope that by her being home with me all the time, she is learning a few things to help her become the mom she wants to be. And hearing that made my heart swell. Made me realize that the work I do is not in vain, but is fully appreciated.

The other conversation happened this morning between my Buddy and Oswald. I told Oswald last night that he was getting up with our Buddy and going to do the "go to school" routine with him. I had not had a nap in a couple of days and the night before last, I didn't get much sleep. I was exhausted!

Of course, Oswald had no problem helping me with this task. He's amazing like that. But when he came into our room this morning at 8:30...that's right people 8:30...he told me something very sweet.

As the boys were putting their shoes and getting ready to walk out the door, my Buddy looked up at his dad and said, "Tell Mom, I love her."

Bring on the waterworks. Such a sweet kid. I never realized how much he enjoys me being with him in the morning. I love being with him in the morning, but I guess I thought it didn't mean much to him. But now I know. In his own little way he expressed how much I mean to him.

I am one lucky and blessed girl to have such amazing people in my life. People who help me realize my self-worth and who appreciate the things I do for them!


  1. Oh so cute. You have the best kids which means you are doing a great job! What an amazing gift to hear those sweet words.

  2. It's so sweet when they say things that obviously come from the heart. Makes all the crazy moments worth-while!

  3. I am glad you have those sweet words written down and can pull them out and read them again and again to bouy you up on those down days. Maybe the days will only be hours because of those words of love and appreciation. Funny how as a mothers, we never get tired of hearing our children express their love to us.


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