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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I know I have been MIA, but it's not for a lack of trying to blog.

First, I think I have broken the monitor to my computer. I can't turn the power on anymore. It no longer makes the little clicking noise when you push the power button.

Second, Oswald got my DSLR working, so I have been taking pictures on that. Well, his laptop will not download the CD-ROM I have that has the software on it. annoying.

Third, when I try to upload pictures from this silly laptop, there is always some sort of error.

Stupid excuses, I know, but they're the truth nonetheless.

We have been super busy around here lately. We made cookies to take to our kids Primary teachers and our Home teacher. It was fun to see their happy faces when they got to give the cookies to these people who do so much for us every day.

Last week, I got to help out at m Buddy's school. He got to make a Christmas ornament, gingerbread houses, and decorate a cookie. We had so much fun. I even have some pictures to prove it. But see excuse number 3 and you'll see why there are no pictures.

Life is crazy and full of excitement. Just two more days and my Buddy will be home from school for two weeks. I am super excited and a little nervous to have him home all day. My big kids tend to fight when they're home together for a long time. Their fighting is not normal, so it's hard for me to see them being mean to each other. It's hard to see them playing so sweetly and nicely together and then the next minute they're fighting each other, yelling and screaming.

But, that's not what is reallying eating away at me.

I can't seem to get into the holiday spirit. We have had the Christmas tree up for weeks. I have been listening to Christmas music for just as long. I have finished the Christmas shopping and wrapped all of the gifts, and still no holiday cheer from me. I've had my share of egg nog and still nothing. I don't know what to do. My hands ache from all of the Christmas presents I have made. It's amazing all of the stuff I have done and still have no Christmas spirit.

It's time to open the scriptures and remember the real meaning of Christmas. I'm going to push all of the Scrooge feelings out of my heart and try to enjoy the next 11 days.

I love seeing the magic in my kids eyes when they think about their gifts. I love to see their eyes sparkle when they look at lights. I love how my Little Man loves to play with our Little People Nativity. I need to rid myself of whatever is eating away at myself and not allowing me to feel the Christmas Spirit.

What do you do to help you feel the Christmas spirit? Any suggestions to help me change my attitude??

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  1. If my most recent blog post hasn't helped...maybe try this: http://lds.org/bible-videos/?lang=eng. These new videos are amazing! Finley and I watch them daily. Just beautiful.


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