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Monday, December 19, 2011

my hands have been busy!

Once again, a post with no pictures. I thought if I tried a different way of uploading pictures it would work, but i was wrong. I have a few other options up my sleeve, but for now...no pictures.

For the last couple of months, I have been crocheting. I have been crocheting Christmas stockings, of which I have only finished 2, I have crocheted 4 hats and 11 ear warmers. I crocheted so many things for so long that my hands hurt one night. Now, I have a few more hats/ear warmers to make.

I made eat warmers for each of my Young Women. I taught the lesson yesterday and after I was done and the prayer was said, I set all of the ear warmers out on the table.

I got reactions I didn't quite think I would get.

"Wow! These things are so cute!"

"Oooh, I want this one!"

"Thanks so much for making these, they're so cute!"

I was excited to hear their reactions, kind of a little sceptical that they would even wear them once. Last night was a fireside, the time when the youth get together to hear a special message. We were outside in the cold by a fire. As the girls showed up, three different ones were wearing their ear warmers.

I was flattered. I am flattered.

Even one of their parents said how nice it was for me to make those for all of the girls. My response was, "I'm just glad they're wearing them even once."

He replied, "oh, she'll wear her's all the time. It's perfect for a chilly night like tonight."

So I guess all of the hand cramping was worth it. I still have several more to make and at least one more stocking to make. I have three kids who need stockings for Santa to put gifts into on Christmas morning.

My to-do list never seems to end.

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  1. OH that is so cute! You are the best YW President! And you made them something that will last forever! I made primary kids these chocolate scriptures: http://www.latter-dayhomeschooling.com/2011/10/memorizing-scriptures.html. I was just sad that they will be eaten and discarded so quickly.


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