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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas this year!!

Christmas this year was spent in Florida with my in-laws, also known as Beesha and Dziedze. We had such a great time visiting them and going to the beach two days before Christmas! The kids splashed and splashed in the water, even though the water was freezing! My Little Man even enjoyed the beach! He chased the seagulls for over an hour!
Christmas Eve was spent with my sister-in-law and her husband. She made lumpia, a Filipino dish, and my father-in-law made Lomein. The food was super yummy and we exchanged gifts with them on Christmas Eve because Uncle Joe had to stand duty for the Navy all day Christmas day. 

One of our traditions is for the kids to get new jammies on Christmas Eve. One day, I'm sure our kids will realize that they always get jammies for Christmas Eve, but for now, we're going to stick with it!
Christmas morning was not super early for us. But we sure had lots of fun opening gifts and seeing what everyone got for Christmas.

The present of the year was the table my mother-in-law made for my kids play room. She found a table at a yard sale, cut down the legs of the table and chairs. She recovered the seats and painted the legs of the table and chairs. My kids have used that table every day since we brought it in the house. The crazy thing is, she's had this table since October and Oswald has known about it since then, too. And he kept it a secret from me!!!!!!

Once again the computer won't let me upload any more pictures...so annoying!! I have got to get this problem fixed!!

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  1. The food sounded delicious! And it is a tradition to do pjs on Christmas Eve in our house too!


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