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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Don't faint...a new post!!

Sorry for the bad picture, blame it on blogger. This photo was taken at 12 weeks with baby #4 by my sister-in-law.

I am now 33.5 weeks pregnant with our next baby girl. Our family will be "even" when she arrives in mid-April.

This pregnancy has been very different from all of my other ones. At about 8 weeks, my doctor drew my blood and realized that my thyroid is not working the way it should be. Each month my blood has been drawn and just about every time, the thyroid has been off and my prescription has been changed. Usually, in pregnancy, your thyroid straightens out and that is when some people have their blood glucose levels go crazy. My glucose is just fine, but my thyroid had to be adjusted again. It's amazing the symptoms I have been experiencing. I am either super hot or freezing when everyone else in the room is just fine. I am excessively tired and feel a little lethargic. Once I get my new prescription, all of these symptoms disappear.

Each pregnancy has been different from the last, but this one has been the most different. I feel her kick and move all of the time. She feels as though she's trying to make her way out of the front of my stomach. My Buddy has even felt her move. She's quite the mover and shaker. It's very comforting to feel her move around in there.

I have had hip pain in previous pregnancies, specifically with my Princess. This time, I have sciatica pain. This is probably the most horrific pain I have ever felt in my life. It feels as though I have a knife digging into my hip 24/7. I never had this pain with my boys. Maybe it's because I carry my daughters different?

On a good note, picking her name was very easy. Oswald and I are huge fans of family names. My Buddy's name came from doing some Family History work in the temple. My Princess' name is the nickname of my great-great-grandmother. And my Little Man's name came from my paternal grandfather and also my father. Each name is special to our family and so are each of their middle names. The name for this baby is one of the names we loved for my Princess, I promised Oswald that I would let him name our next girl the name he loved the most.  She is being named after my paternal great grandmother. Her name was Eliza Roxie. The middle name is from Oswald's maternal great grandmother. Marea Christina. She was from Denmark, so we're going with the Danish spelling of her name.

My big kids are so excited to have this baby join our family. We'll be walking in the store and someone will stop to talk to my Princess and she'll tell them that I have a baby sister in my belly and then proceed to tell them the baby's name. My Buddy can't wait to have a day off school, so he can go with us to hear the baby's heartbeat. My Little Man loves to kiss on my belly. I love how sweet they are to someone who is not even born. I love how much they love her and she's not even here. I love how their so excited to meet their little sister.

It's amazing how big the hearts of these little people are!

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  1. Yay for new posts! I want more recent pictures of your belly though :). Very excited for you guys. Can't believe she will be here so soon!


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