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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Delivery Story: My Buddy

I am totally into delivery stories right now. Probably mostly because I'm about to have baby #4, but I enjoy reading delivery stories even when I'm not pregnant. Everyone has a different story to tell. Everyone's experience is different. What works for me, many not work for you. What works for you may not be something I would ever try. That's what's so interesting to me about delivery stories, they're all unique!
This is the story of My Buddy.

As written in my journal December 2005

"The night before he was born, I was so excited I could hardly sleep. I was awake until 1:30 in the morning. At 5:15am, the hospital called to tell us we could head down by 6am to induce me. We got there, filled out the paperwork and were taken to our room. At about 6:30, the nurse came in to give me an IV and start the pitocin. The contractions kicked in immediately! I was ab le to handle these contractions. The doctor came into the room at about 8am and broke my water. It is such a strange feeling and sensation to have your water broken. {when he left the room, he said, "see ya in 12 hours"}

The nurse checked me a few minutes later and I was at 4cm. I started to contract pretty badly and called for my epidural. The anesthesiologist came in and threw me around like a rag doll to get me into position. The epidural was the most painless part of the whole experience.

After the medicine kicked in, the contractions started to happen on e on top of another. But, I did not feel a thing! At about 9:45am, the nurse came back in to check on me and I was now dilated to 8cm! In about 45 minutes, I was now so close!

The nurse started to set everything up for delivery and all of a sudden, I had the biggest urge to do to the bathroom. There was so much pressure in my read end that I could not even stand it. The nurse called the anesthesiologist back into the room to give me more meds. I probably felt the urge to push for 15min before the nurse came in to help speed up the process. She had me lay on my back with one knee tucked to my chest, and push. I did that for about 15 minutes when my Buddy's heartbeat started to show signs of distress.

Dr. Gourley was called right away and that's whey the "real" fun began! They pulled the stir-ups out and everyone got into position. Oswald was to my right, the nurse to the left, the doctor ready to make the catch and my sister was looking on from a safe distance with a student nurse watching also. The doctor to me how to push and the fun began.

They tell you to push out your rear, so that's what I tried to do. Some of the time, I was successful and other times, I was not. The doctor then told me how to make sure the baby's head came out quickly! There is a HUGE difference between what it feels like to push correctly and to push incorrectly! Oswald, the doctor and nurse were a wonderful cheering section. Almost 45 minutes from the start of pushing, My Buddy was born! Because he had gone to the bathroom inside the womb, he had to be taken care of by two specialists. He didn't even cry the whole time they were checking him out. I looked at my sister and Oswald and they were both crying for all they were worth. I was so proud of Oswald, he was able to watch the delivery and also able to cute the umbilical cord without getting queasy!

They cleaned My Buddy up and help him up for me to see. That's when I began to cry. My baby boy had arrived! They got out the scale and measuring device. My boy weighted in a 8lbs 1oz and was 19.5 inches long. The first thought I had when I saw his face for the first time was, "He looks just like his daddy."

He was born at 11:25am. 5 hours from the time we checked into the hospital, until the time he was born...not to shabby in my opinion!

Keep your eyes out for the delivery story of My Princess...


  1. Oh wow! What a great story.

    Dr. Gourley assisted on my C-section with Audrey (Bubby). He was the doctor who admitted me. Let me just say, I am NOT a fan of him. He was rude to me, joking around and generally a jerk. I am normally one to joke and laugh, but I had a really scary cord situation with Audrey and I felt like it was very serious. He didn't care at all. Dr. Glenn ended up performing the emergency C-section and caring for me afterward.

  2. Awww. Love seeing his infant picture! So cute!


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