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Friday, March 23, 2012

Hours of walking and 20 Kindergartners

The day started off a little rough. My buddy rode the bus in the morning, coming into my room a little early asking me why I wasn't up getting ready yet. Oswald is awesome like that and gets up in the morning, so I can continue to sleep.

I rolled my 8 month pregnant body out of the bed and into the shower. I had to be to the school at 8:15 in order to leave by 8:45. I had taken precautions the night before to make sure my body would be able to function on my feet for an extended amount of time. I had not done much the day before, I got extra sleep and I had tried to stay off my feet.

Mornings are always hard because I would just much rather stay in my bed!

I got to the school and listened to the instructions from the teacher to each of the students. Make sure you stay with your chaperone. Make sure you listen to the tour guide. Sit in the bus back to back, bottom to bottom.

I was handed my very own first aid kit including hand sanitizer. (My Buddy's teacher is a germ-a-phoebe).

We got in line and headed to the buses. I hadn't been on a bus in 15+ years! It was like stepping back into my childhood. The bus ride took all of 40 minutes and was actually pretty pleasant.

The Field Trip was actually quite amazing. Seeing the dinosaur fossils was something I have never done before. The kids were completely enamored with the tour guide who did an excellent job of relating to 6 year old students!

By the end of the tour my feet hurt and I was hungry. Good thing for me, I packed me a lunch at the same time I packed my Buddy's lunch!

Once lunch was over, I looked at the teacher and asked when we would be leaving. She asked me if I was "done".

I said, "yes." mostly I was just ready to be home. My little man had a fever and I was really missing my Princess.

But to be honest, after being on a field trip with all of those kids, I have come to realize a few things: I really don't like to be put in charge of other people's kids...that's a huge amount of pressure to always know where they are especially when they're so young and can just disappear without you knowing. And two, I think being a parent who just shows up to a field trip would be way more fun! No responsibility, at all!!

I got home and I don't think I moved the entire rest of the day. I'm glad I went because it was fun to watch my Buddy learn about dinosaurs. But honestly, next time, I'll just show up for the field trip and let someone else have the fun of being a chaperone!

hope that didn't come across at too whiny, that's just how I feel.

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