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Monday, April 23, 2012

A Baby Blessing

In the LDS church, when a baby is born, they receive a special blessing. This blessing is usually given by his/her father. Today was my love bug's special day.

The wind was ripping around close to 40mph and we were a tad bit cold standing outside taking pictures. But the weather could not ruin the beautiful day or the spirit we felt while Oswald was blessing my love bug.

We had family in from Arizona and Florida to see the sweet baby, so why not bless her while everyone is in town? It's very special to our family to have both of the grandpa's stand in the circle to bestow the blessings our Heavenly Father has in store for our sweet babies. Both Oswald's dad and my dad have been in the blessing circle for each of our kids.

We also have another tradition where my mom takes part of my wedding dress and uses it to make my babies blessing outfit or gown. My boys have pieces of my dress and so do my girls.

I also spend hours crocheting a new afghan for each baby. My love bug's afghan was finished just after 11pm the night before she was blessed. Show's how excited I was to crochet being so hugely pregnant...and HOT! There's nothing hotter than an afghan resting across your pregnant belly.

My kids are truly blessed to have so many people who love them and will sacrifice their time and energy to be with them on these special days.

My mom transcribes each blessing for my kids. It's really neat to re-read the words that have been said and to feel the love our Heavenly Father has for these sweet spirits He "loans" to us. The spirits He lets us raise. It's a lot of pressure, but I am so thankful He trusts me enough to send me four of His children. I only hope I can help them have a desire to return to live with Him again some day.


  1. Beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing! Your family is truly blessed!

  2. So happy for your growing family! You guys sure don't waste anytime and bless those babies quick! Miss you guys!

  3. The pictures are great! It was a special day indeed! I'm sure if you asked anyone there, no one felt that it was a sacrifice for them to be there. But happy and an honor to be there on your family's special day!


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