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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Once she was born...

Because I was GBS positive with my love bug, I was given antibiotics, just like I had been given with my other kids. Either the laws have changed regarding GBS or things were just a little more slack in NC, but we had quite the shock when the on-call pediatrician tried to give our newborn an IV.

With my Princess and my Little Man, I was able to leave the hospital at 24 hours. I got two doses of medicine before they were born and they were just fine.

In the hospital here, we were told there was no way we were leaving at 24 hours, if we wanted the baby to come with us. She needed to have antibiotics of her own because I only got two doses of medicine instead of the recommended "3-4 doses". That means I would have had to have been in the hospital for over 16 hours before she was born. I don't even labor that long.

So just hours after delivering this sweet baby, the nurse comes in with a form telling us that they're going to stick an IV in my baby's arm. Needless to say, I was up in arms!

Oswald called our pediatrician and spoke with the on-call doctor. She never told us if it was right or wrong, but that it was our decision. Oswald then called the hospitals on-call pediatrician and spoke with him at length about why the rules were the way they are.

His wife ended up coming down, she's a PhD in nursing, she talked with us at length about what could happen to my Love Bug if she did not get any medicine. She could get sepsis which could possibly be fatal. Who uses the word fatal to a mom who just gave birth 3 hours ago?

I looked at her and said, "You do whatever you have to do to make my baby be okay."

That night, my brand new baby had an IV put into her sweet little ankle. I don't know that I am, even now two weeks later, okay that she got the IV. I think I was scared into giving it to her. But one thing I do know is that my baby is healthy and if she did get more antibiotics than she needed, it won't hurt her. And if she would have gotten sick and gotten sepsis...I would not have been okay with that ending.


  1. That is scary! I totally feel you Jenny!

  2. i'm sorry that happened. the medical field is SO scared of being sued for anything now days that everything has to have the "safest contingency plan possible." i was gbs positive with rachelle, and as you remember, showed up at the hospital to push her out. an iv never even entered my arm. so then i was nervous about her. i kept asking our ped "is she going to be ok? i didn't get the antibiotics!" i was reassured that sepsis happens VERY seldomly and that signs would exhibit themselves and antibiotics would be quickly administered to the baby should she need them. needless to say, she didn't, and no one was freaking out except ME! so i'm sorry it was the other way around for your experience. i know they "just want to be safe" but like you said - NEVER use the word FATAL with a new mom! NEVER!


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