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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A New Picture

When I was in college, I wanted to be a photographer. My parents bought me a manual camera and an automatic one (both requirements for the photography classes I was taking). I enrolled in my first ever photography class. I was super excited about this opportunity to be in the dark room and get to develop my pictures.

You see my Grandpa Max was a photographer and I thought maybe I had some of his natural abilities. I think I take a pretty good picture and that my skill level is decent. I've been paid to shoot a couple of weddings and even some Senior Pictures, but it's just another thing that I have tried and only been mediocre.

I changed my major in college after this photography class. Why? Because I HATED being in the dark room. I would stand there for hours, developing my film. If you didn't have the chemicals balanced, it messed up everything you had shot. TOO MUCH STRESS. If I was lucky to get the roll of film developed, I then began the process of transferring the photos from the film strip to the paper. It was so hard and TOO STRESSFUL to make sure that everything was lit properly. Every second I spent in there was spent stressing if I was going to ruin my project.

I have a few good things to show for my semester long photography experience. I took a really cool picture of my younger brother that my mom likes to call, "Stripling Warrior". I learned some really cool techniques, like how to frame a shot and how to use lighting. But now with everything being digital, I never learned how to edit on the computer. I never learned to use any kind of software to help make my pictures pop!

I recently downloaded a free copy of Photoshop Lightroom that has a 30-day free trial. In between feedings, diaper changes, and playing with my kids, I have been playing around on it. I took some picture of my Love Bug and edited them. Here is the one I like the best. What do you think?


  1. Beautiful picture! I wish mine would turn out half as nice.

  2. Your baby is so precious and it's a great shot. I would crop it a little tighter, but it is good as it is. I guess I like it a little better if some of the foreground is lost. It's funny, I did photo in HS and college, the darkroom was my favorite place. I could spend the whole day in there. It was very peaceful to me.

  3. So sweet! I think the composition is spot-on! And one of the keys to a great photo is getting it right in camera... if you do that all you will probably need is a quick levels adjustment after uploading it to your computer and that's that! All the "great" photographers spend only a few seconds on each photo (and typically do batch editing which cuts down on editing time even more). The only thing I would've done differently on this photo is exposed for the shadows. That's how you get eyes to "pop" (not later in editing, people with "alien eyes" look bizarre) since most people's eyes are recessed into the face more, thus getting more shadow than the rest of the face. If you have any questions feel free to ask!! :)

    1. How would I expose for shadows, Jackie?

  4. Great photo! It is interesting that you didn't like the darkroom because I LOVE it. The magic that comes when that picture pops up in the chemicals is addictive.

  5. I don't have any newborn photos this good. It's awesome! And sorry for being way behind the curve, but congrats on this new little angel!!!


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