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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Awards Day

I can't believe I forgot all about Awards Day at My Buddy's school!
(Kindergarten Rocks!!!)
They did the cutest little program including songs!! (he ended up singing those songs for 2 weeks after the program!)

My Buddy was the "N" he was originally in the front, but because he's so tall he got switched with one of the shorter kids in the back! Haha!

When Mrs. M read the award my Buddy got, Most Helpful, I thought to myself, "that describes him perfectly!" He is an incredibly helpful little guy!

I can't believe Kindergarten is over and that he'll be in first grade next year! What's even crazier is that my Princess is going to be in Kindergarten and I will only have 2 kids at home again!

This summer has been rough with all 4 kids home especially since one is an infant. It's hard to keep them all entertained and interested because their ages are all so different! Then, when August rolls around, I will feel like I have nothing to do with 2 small kids all the time. But trust me, I think I'll enjoy the "break" haha!

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