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Friday, June 22, 2012

Beach trip 2012

Every summer we try our hardest to make it down to Florida to visit Oswald's parents...and when we're there we try even harder to soak up every minute of the sun we possibly can!  It doesn't matter how cold, hot, or windy it is...we are at the beach. The only thing that really stops us is the rain...and there was none of that this time!!

Even my Love Bug got in on the action...and of course what would the ocean be without a little spit-up from the cute girl.

My big kids love their boogie boards...they would be out there on them all day long if their parents had the energy to keep putting them back on their boards. They're quite the professionals out there and I wouldn't be surprised if one day they graduate to surf boards.

This little man could swim in a pool or in the ocean all day every day. 

Oswald and I lived in Florida for over a year after we were married, and we maybe went to the beach twice. I would have been happy to lay on the beach reading a book, but not him...he wanted to play catch in the water and not lay out.

Now, after 4 kids, we love the beach. We could stay there all day if the sun did not take it's toll on our energy level and on our skin. Our kids are what make the beach and the ocean fun! 

We've talked about going to the beach on our 10 anniversary, but it dawned on me the other day that I might just really miss my kids if I went to a beach without them. I guess we'll have to keep a cruise in our mind!!

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