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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Belly Be Gone

I took some pictures of myself today of my body.

They may look like Baby Bump pictures...but we're going to call them Belly Be Gone pictures!!

Here I am...

I totally look like I'm 5 months pregnant...when really I'm 4 months post baby! But I do have good news!!  I am down 2 inches in my belly and 2 inches in my waist and hips!!

Official numbers:
Bust: 41 inches (not really expecting this to go away until I'm done nursing (8 more months!!)
Belly: 39.5 inches (around the biggest part of my belly) -2 inches!
Waist: 43.5 inches (at the biggest part of my butt)  -2 inches!

for a total number of inches lost 4!!!

When I saw that my inches were smaller, I did a happy dance! You can't really tell from these pictures, but my stomach is not quite as distended. I am still exercising a whole bunch and eating the right portions. 

I put on a different outfit today. One I hadn't worn since I got pregnant with my Love Bug. It felt really good. It's so fun to put on some different clothes and to get compliments from people!

As far as exercise:
Monday: ran 1 mile
Tuesday: ran 1 mile
Wednesday: ran 2.5 miles with my running buddy
Thursday: 30 minute Biggest Loser DVD
Friday: Biggest Loser DVD
Saturday and Sunday rested

So I'm keeping up with my goals and I'm finally seeing results! This is so exciting!!


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